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About Measure K

What is Measure K?

Measure K is a half-cent, countywide sales tax.

The tax adds a dime to a taxable purchase of $20.*

The measure was placed on the November 2016 ballot to extend a previously approved half-cent tax until 2043.

The Board of Supervisors placed the original sales tax proposal (Measure A on the November 2012 ballot) before voters with the goal of providing local funds for local needs. That tax passed with more than 65 percent of the vote.

Deciding to build on the progress being made with the local funds, the Board of Supervisors placed a 20-year extension of the sales tax on the November 2016 ballot, designated as Measure K in the randomized alphabet drawing. Measure K was overwhelmingly approved with 70.37 percent of the vote.

*Most groceries are exempt from sales tax. Prescription drugs and certain medical devices are also exempt.

Community Feedback

I take pictures of the food that I cook, and I share it with my daughter. I think that the healthy food that I prepare is very tasty. Cooking keeps me busy and with a positive outlook. My motto is ‘Food is Medicine.’

Maria, client, Second Harvest Food Bank

Measure K Newsroom

Photo Gallery

Ensuring our veterans receive the benefits they deserve.
Daly City
Families love Daly City’s Gellert Park, Serramonte Library and after-school programs, all funded in part by Measure K.
healthcare for seniors
Providing access to health care for seniors.
Open Space
Keeping San Mateo County’s open spaces wild and clean.
After-school enrichment programs teach life skills to thousands of children annually with Measure K funding support.
The County’s 911 dispatch system has a new, seismically safe home thanks to Measure K funds.
Local parks bring families together for fun and celebrations; many local projects are funded with Measure K support.
Gun buyback
Anonymous gun buybacks help keep our communities safe.
Freezer full of food
Measure K funds have helped purchase new freezers and other equipment for food pantries across San Mateo County.
Fire Support Vehicle
Measure K funds have purchased more than a dozen fire suppression and support vehicles that help keep our community safe.
Clearing vegetation helps reduce the risk of wildfire.
Clearing vegetation helps reduce the risk of wildfire.

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