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Measure K is a voter-approved half-cent sales tax providing local funds for local needs.

We asked you what you needed through surveys, listening sessions and community meetings to ensure that we are investing in initiatives that will make a big impact for San Mateo County.

We’ve received 315 Funding Applications

232 are services for children, families and seniors; 28 address emergency preparedness and, 55 address housing and homelessness. Funding requests for Year 1 exceeded $250M which is seven time the amount of funding available. Finding the right initiatives for our county is important, and takes time. County staff are now prioritizing the most impactful projects based on the funds available to improve the lives of our neighbors throughout the county. The table below summarizes total funding requests by each Priority Area.

Priority AreaYear OneYear TwoYear ThreeTotal
Children, Families and Seniors$158,760,067$166,775,387$155,755,144$481,290,598
Housing & Homelessness$73,375,724$97,318,624$41,266,666$211,961,014
Emergency Preparedness$19,009,079$22,491,834$13,317,119$54,818,032

How are Measure K Funds Used?

At a public meeting on Oct. 17, 2023, the Board of Supervisors approved the priority funding areas of:

Children, Families, and Seniors

This area focuses on providing essential services and support for residents of all ages. Examples include:

  • Early childhood education and development programs: Ensuring access to quality childcare and educational opportunities for young children.
  • Mental health and wellness resources: Expanding access to mental health services for children, families, and seniors.
  • Support for caregivers: Providing assistance to those caring for children, older adults, or individuals with disabilities.
  • Senior citizen services: Promoting healthy aging and independence for seniors through programs like transportation, nutrition assistance, and social engagement initiatives.

Housing and Homelessness

This area aims to address the critical housing needs and challenges faced by San Mateo County residents. Examples include:

  • Affordable housing development and preservation: Increasing the availability of housing options that are accessible to individuals and families across income levels.
  • Rental assistance and eviction prevention: Providing financial support and resources to individuals at risk of losing their homes.
  • Homelessness prevention and intervention programs: Offering services and support to help people avoid homelessness and transition to stable housing.
  • Mental health and addiction support for individuals experiencing homelessness: Addressing the underlying causes of homelessness and connecting individuals with essential services.

Emergency Preparedness

This area focuses on preparing for and responding to emergencies and natural disasters. Examples include:

  • Earthquake preparedness and resilience initiatives: Strengthening infrastructure and community preparedness for earthquakes.
  • Fire prevention and evacuation planning: Implementing measures to prevent wildfires and ensure effective evacuation strategies.
  • Emergency response resources: Investing in equipment, training, and personnel to ensure effective response to emergencies.
  • Climate change adaptation and mitigation: Implementing strategies to address the impacts of climate change on San Mateo County.

Listening Sessions

In August 2023, the County hired an independent contractor to conduct multiple listening sessions throughout San Mateo County to collect community input on Measure K funding priorities. The results of these listening sessions have been compiled and are now available for review.

Listening Session participants were given the opportunity to communicate their needs and preferences for how resources should be distributed among priority areas.

View Summary Report (PDF)

Over 3,000+ residents participated in Measure K Listening Sessions and Surveys across the County.

Local funds should meet local needs, and we trust you to tell us what those needs are. Measure K is funded by San Mateo County for San Mateo County. We asked you what you needed through surveys, listening sessions and community meetings to ensure that we are investing in initiatives that will make a big impact.

Listening Session Participation by Location

Listening Session Participation by Race/Ethnicity

Photo Gallery

Upgrading and preserving affordable housing at Mosaic Garden apartments in Redwood City.

Ensuring the Ecumenical Hunger Program in East Palo Alto can provide food to those in need with a new freezer.

Supporting local farmworkers with health care and other vital needs.

Mapping trails and invasive plants in San Mateo County Parks.

Sowing the seeds for a healthy life with school gardens, outdoor education.

Building a replacement fire station in the ‘wildland-urban interface.’

Expanding outdoor education opportunities with the construction of the Cooley Landing Education Center.

Studying the effects of sea level rise and its impacts on San Mateo County.

Halfway between Pescadero and Half Moon Bay lies Tunitas Creek Beach, which will become San Mateo County’s newest park.

Supporting cultural festivals and programs.

Improving planning, preparation, and coordination for emergency and disaster response.

Important Dates



Evaluation of Applications

County Staff will evaluate proposals and develop recommendations.

Mar 26


Final Approval of Measure K Allocations (Tentative)

Public meeting for approval of FY 2024-25 Measure K Budget



Development of Measure K Contracts

Jul 1


New Measure K Programs and Services Launch

Oct 17


Priority funding areas approved by the the Board of Supervisors

Children, Families, and Seniors Housing and Homelessness Emergency Preparedness

Jan 05


Proposals for the use of Measure K funds with applications due

By 5pm

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