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New Engines, Support Vehicles Bolster Fire Protection

March 12, 2024

Emergency Preparedness


New powerful fire engines plus smaller off-road wildland engines are coming into service in some of San Mateo County’s most diverse and challenging regions.

These new vehicles are replacing older models, many that are beyond industry standards in terms of age and mileage.

The engines are going into service as front-line protection against structure and forest fires and can provide assistance in the event of vehicle crashes, floods, mudslides, earthquakes and other emergencies. Additional vehicles are coming into service was water tenders and for in-the-field incident commanders, fire marshals and support staff.

The vehicles, as well as equipment, are purchased with Measure K funds.

“This is the first time we have engines specifically designed for the mountains of San Mateo County. They are made to navigate steep
hills and uneven terrain while a short wheelbase allows for tight turns,” said Jonathan Cox, deputy chief of San Mateo County/CAL FIRE.

Purchases include:

TYPE 1 ENGINES: Fire suppression, emergency response equipped with hoses, ladder, water tank and pumps
• Engine 17: Fire Station 17, San Mateo Highlands
• Engine 18: Fire Station 18, off Edgewood Road, Redwood City
• Engine 58: Fire Station 58, Woodside & Skyline boulevards
• Engine 158: Fire Station 58, Woodside & Skyline boulevards
• Engine 59: Fire Station 59, Pescadero
• Engine 159: Fire Station 59, Pescadero

TRUCK: Equipped with long, extendable ladder for structure fires, hard-to-reach locations
• Truck 17: Station 17, San Mateo Highlands

TYPE 3 OR TYPE 6 ENGINES: Smaller, more maneuverable than Type 1 engines, for front-line wildfire suppression
• Engine 318: Fire Station 18, off Edgewood Road in Redwood City
• Engine 655: Fire Station 655, Loma Mar volunteers
• Engine 659: Fire Station 59, Pescadero

Water Tender: (shown above)
• Water Tender 56: Fire Station 56, Kings Mountain

400 County Center

Redwood City, CA 94063


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